You’ve heard of Street Fighter: Hyper Fighting, but check out these fantastic Hyper Real artworks of Street Fighter characters by artist Kode Abdo, based on real life models and manipulated digitally in Photoshop. I bet you’ve never seen bendy Dhalsim look so frightening, have you? Suitably impressed by his talented endeavours, infinitecontinues snatched a few words with the creator to find out how these works came about.

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Judging by a price tag of £22.70 on UK retailer Amazon (at the time of writing) for the full retail version of Super Street Fighter IV, you could be forgiven for thinking Capcom are trying to pre-empt and diffuse consumer ire over an update to the release of Street Fighter IV just over 14 months ago with a bargain basement offer. Whilst a vastly reduced price is obviously welcome, they needn’t have worried. Super Street Fighter IV is absolutely stuffed to bursting with new features – characters, stages, ultras, game modes – which fully justfies another retail release instead of a bloated DLC package. Fans of the series that snapped up the original last February will want to do so again, and newcomers tempted by the price will be rewarded with the definitive current-gen version of a legendary beat ’em up.

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Check out these typographic print ads for the imminent update to the acclaimed beat-’em-up series, Super Street Fighter IV, which combine my two favourite things – videogames and graphic design – to beautiful effect. You can view the full ad after the jump. The others in the set can be viewed on this Capcom Unity blog post; they are well worth a look.

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As you may know already, Capcom are giving away Videogame Minimalism iPhone skins in Europe for selected pre-orders of Super Street Fighter IV, as reported by Kotaku. Once I know more information on how to get your hands on these for yourself, I’ll let you know.

In the meantime, the Videogame Minimalism Flickr set now contains Blanka and Dhalsim. Blanka is one of the iPhone skins available, along with Ryu, Sagat and personal favourite E. Honda.

A dedicated Videogame Minimalism website is currently in the works. Stay tuned for updates on that in future posts.

Some mean-looking bosses from Street Fighter IV join the Videogame Minimalism set this week. If you don’t recognise them, they are M. Bison, Balrog and Akuma. Check them out in their full bad-ass glory over on the Street Fighter – Videogame Minimalism set now.

The entire project can be seen here.

Snapped with the in-game camera in PlayStation Home, here is end-game boss Seth from Street Fighter IV chilling out in funky orange handwraps and khaki combats, enjoying a spot of pool. Still couldn’t muster the energy to smile though. Right after this was taken he beat up my avatar with several dozen Sonic Booms and a couple of unblockable combos. Cheap bastard.