More Decay Coming Soon

June 29, 2010

The big cheese of Shining Gate Software, Fredrik Westlund (who we interviewed about Decay – Part 1) got in touch with infinitecontinues last week to let us know that the second part of the episodic XBLIG horror title, aptly named Decay – Part 2, should be hitting your Xboxes soon. From the horse’s mouth: “Decay – Part 2 will hopefully hit the Marketplace during the first two weeks of July.”

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Following on from our review of unsettling old-school point ‘n’ click indie game Decay -Part 1, we managed to elicit the answers to a few questions from the founder of Swedish-based Shining Gate Software, the developers behind the game and its upcoming installments, of which Part 2 has already been officially announced. Fredrik Westlund tells us how Decay came about, what the future holds for his fledgling company, and which game he would most like to have on his own CV. Full interview after the jump.

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Reviewing Decay – Part 1 using traditional videogaming criteria is a tricky business, as it bears little resemblance to anything else on the Xbox Live Indie Game platform, or any of the current crop of retail titles. Sure, there are puzzles, and the kind of item examination and use that recalls fond memories of a certain Resident Evil, a franchise cited as one of developer Shining Gate Software’s influences. But there is no jump button, no shooting, no health bars, no enemies, no game overs. Just a series of moments, snatches of plot, a few cerebral puzzles and an atmosphere of true dread.

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