ModNation Racers, the upcoming PS3-exclusive racing game from United Front Games, hasn’t been on my radar at all. I’ve seen it mentioned in a few thread comments on gaming sites, on blog posts about the games that people are most looking forward to in 2010, but with racing being my least favourite genre, I hadn’t looked into any details of this at all. That all changed when I noticed this post on the EU PlayStation blog, detailing the beta for ModNation Racers and its 100,000 download limit. Caught up in the hype, I promptly booted up the PSN and commenced with the 2GB download. Several hours later, I was ready to race.

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I had to stop myself from writing this review for the God Of War Collection after I’d finished the first game, ready to wax lyrical about the epic scale of Sony Santa Monica’s initial tale of God-slaying at the hands and blades of Kratos, the Ghost of Sparta. The sequel needed to be played to be able to have a full opinion on this two-game set, and, true to form, the developer dialled the Epic meter all the way up to 11 for God Of War II. The result is a package of staggering quality, and it’s very easy to overlook the fact that you are playing PS2 titles on the latest generation of hardware; a few ropey cinematics aside, of course.

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“Are you marvellous or moronic?” intones the Narrator, all rolling Rs and bombastic pomp. More often than not, judged by this yardstick at least, you’ll be marvellous. The 12 puzzles that make up each episode of Blue Toad Murder Files are not likely to cause most people too many problems; you’ll find yourself more often than not breezing through with a gold medal for your efforts too. But its simplicity is not the key point here; Relentless aren’t trying to tax gamers here, rather to bring the whole household together in front of the TV to solve the whodunnit. As creators of Buzz!, they have plenty of experience of doing just that.

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Part advertising, part game; Sony’s ‘The Game‘ is a web platform presumably created as a companion piece to Sony’s new TV campaign promoting the launch of the re-designed PlayStation 3, the PS3 Slim, housed under the new umbrella strapline ‘The game is just the start.’ Users sign up to compete for either Team A or Team B and select from a number of micro-games in order to score points to add to the overall tally for your chosen team. The games themselves are short, snappy affairs, but the amazing production values really shine – Flash physics and sound effects are top drawer. The loading times, however, sadly reflect this.

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Yesterday, I spent a few hours at the Eurogamer Expo at Old Billingsgate. Comprising of most of the triple AAA games due to be released over the busy Christmas period, and those that have recently hit the shelves, the Expo was a good chance to play some of the eagerly anticipated titles. At least it would have been if it wasn’t absolutely awash with people. It was rare to see a machine free, and the big-hitters that everyone wanted to play were usually surrounded by thick crowds of people. Add in the fact that the temperature was through the roof and that the noise was close to deafening, and you didn’t really have a conducive atmosphere to relax into the various demos on show. Having said that, I did manage to get some playtime with the three games that I had come to check out. My thoughts on them appear after the break.

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Videogame Minimalism

October 2, 2009


Having been inspired by this awesome minimalist Flickr set, I decided to knock up a similar set based on videogame characters. It’s a testament to the details of these character designs that they can be recognised when reduced to a few simple shapes and colours.

Flickr set here.

Edit: Due to some demand, I’ve put these up for sale as t-shirts and posters. Please follow these links to be taken to the various stores.

T-shirts are here.

Posters are here.

If you would like to buy these designs in another format, please drop me an email at infinitecontinues (at)