Glowing Weak Spots

Picture the scene. Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Team Deathmatch. Highrise map. The score is perfectly balanced at 9900-9900. The next kill wins the match. You jump out of the window at one end of the map, and you get tagged by a sniper, camped out across the battlefield. Your own blood obscures your vision and you drop to the ground, and your Final Stand deathstreak kicks in. What do you do?

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Darksiders: Link Round-up

February 3, 2010

Playing the game through a second time following my review of Darksiders, I decided to round up some interesting articles floating around the internet on Vigil Games’ apocalyptic adventure. Full list of links after the break.

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Darksiders // PS3

February 2, 2010

Darksiders’ wide-eyed adoration of God Of War and the Zelda franchise has been well-documented (both on this blog and elsewhere) but its gamut of influences doesn’t stop there. It even finds time to channel the 3rd-person shooter mechanics of Gears Of War and the mind-bending puzzles of Portal over its fifteen hours or so of gameplay. It’s clear that the debut release from Texas-based Vigil Games is an open love letter to its more well-known contemporaries, but does it stand alone as its own game, or fall flat as an act of plagiarism?

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Sassy, deadly Umbra Witch and betrayed Horseman Of The Apocalypse from this year’s biggest blockbusters to date, Bayonetta and Darksiders, get the Videogame Minimalism treatment. Check them out over on the infinitecontinues Flickr page.

Darksiders doesn’t so much wear its influences on its sleeve as sport the official fan club badges on its gleaming plated breast; ‘We ♥ God Of War’ they read, and ‘The Legend of Zelda Appreciation Society’. But if you are going to steal, than its wise to do it from the best, and Darksiders takes this to heart; knitting together elements from both games under the banner of its own individual art style and over-the-top tale of the impending apocalypse at the hands (claws?) of The Destroyer.

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