Bayonetta // PS3

January 24, 2010

Bayonetta is a game like no other. An astonishing piece of entertainment.. scratch that, art, that brutally punished every flaw in my videogaming skills which defeated me around two-thirds into the game, I both loved it and hated it in equal measure. Swearing publicly that I wouldn’t play it again, proclaiming to the room at large that it was a *string of unpronounceables*, I went back to it after half an hour, knocked the difficulty down to Easy, swallowed my pride, and pushed on to its fantastic climax. Bayonetta laughs at your definition of epic, swallows it in her hair and spits it back out at you, rewriting videogame theatre as she does so. The result is a game that everyone needs to experience.

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Sassy, deadly Umbra Witch and betrayed Horseman Of The Apocalypse from this year’s biggest blockbusters to date, Bayonetta and Darksiders, get the Videogame Minimalism treatment. Check them out over on the infinitecontinues Flickr page.

Toeing a line that splits astounding action with incredble frustration, Bayonetta is a whirlwind of action that perfectly encapsulates its medium; a madcap, crazy rollercoaster that would be impossible to realise in other media which continually surprises, amuses and enrages in equal measure. But in a game where you eat angels with your own hair, its easy to forgive the cons and focus on the pros.

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