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July 19, 2010

Hello. Thanks for visiting us. However, we’ve moved to newer, flashier digs! All old content will remain on this site, but all new content is now being published over at infinitecontinues.net. Please visit us there and update your bookmarks. Why not also follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook?


More Decay Coming Soon

June 29, 2010

The big cheese of Shining Gate Software, Fredrik Westlund (who we interviewed about Decay – Part 1) got in touch with infinitecontinues last week to let us know that the second part of the episodic XBLIG horror title, aptly named Decay – Part 2, should be hitting your Xboxes soon. From the horse’s mouth: “Decay – Part 2 will hopefully hit the Marketplace during the first two weeks of July.”

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EXP Magazine

May 7, 2010

Seattle-based artist Cory Schmitz is a man after my own heart; he cites his two favourite things as graphic design and videogames. The outcome of these passions is the EXP magazine, the fruit of his labours for the thesis project for his BFA at Cornish College of the Arts. Cory claims that EXP is a one-off piece, but has plans to start a new magazine called The Controller in August/September this year. This from Cory:

The purpose of EXP is to reject the idea that a video game magazine has to be be comprised of reviews and previews of the latest games. It hones in on the gap between game magazines and design magazines, embracing the relationship between video games and artists. A big focus of the magazine is the experience games provide, and how that is a great inspiration for creative people to draw from.

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Twitter is a remarkable thing. Following on from Alistair Darling’s planned tax relief for UK game developers in yesterday’s budget, a trending topic is currently sweeping London under the hashtag of #culturallybritishtaxbreakgames, where well-known (and sometimes obsure) videogame titles are modified to incorporate something quintessentially British.

Here are a few of our favourites:

James_Batchelor Tube Raider: Underground

Jerry_Ibbotson Why Aye Pet

robfahey Zone of the Eastenders

bryoz Not So Heavy But Rather Persistent Rain

JoeHullion Silent Mill

Check out the madness here.

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I’ve sunk an extraordinary amount of time into the multiplayer component of Modern Warfare 2 – some 84 hours and 12 minutes to be exact – and while there has definitely been some improvement in my ability to compete, I’m still not good enough to hold my own consistently against all the young punks with better reflexes and more time than I do. My kill tally of 7095, compared to my death tally of 8821 (a k/d ratio of 0.80) reflects this fact! Although I could say I became addicted to it for a short while, that was always tempered by extreme rage – it never feels fun – but now I have a new multiplayer squeeze, and it isn’t even a full game. The demo for upcoming Battlefield: Bad Company 2, which comprises of a single map in a single game mode, has held my attention for pretty much my entire spare time for the last three days. Why? Because it’s astonishingly good fun.

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For Valentines Day, Lady Infinitecontinues treated her videogames-obsessed significant other with a batch of cookies iced with three well-known Mushroom Kingdom characters – Boo, Chain Chomp and the Super Mushroom. Despite the craftsmanship (check out the actual links in Chain Chomp’s tail), I can’t help but think she got the better deal. Not only did she get a two-course meal, lovingly slaved over for an hour or more, she also burnt the shit out of the cookies. Still, 10 out of 10 for effort and artistic talent, though.