You’ve heard of Street Fighter: Hyper Fighting, but check out these fantastic Hyper Real artworks of Street Fighter characters by artist Kode Abdo, based on real life models and manipulated digitally in Photoshop. I bet you’ve never seen bendy Dhalsim look so frightening, have you? Suitably impressed by his talented endeavours, infinitecontinues snatched a few words with the creator to find out how these works came about.

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3D Dots of Doom!

June 14, 2010

We featured Jason Poage’s initial creations for PS3-exclusive 3D Dot Game Heroes last month, and he’s not been resting on his pixellated laurels. He’s gone all retro and produced a new range of characters based on the FPS classic Doom. Here’s what he has to say on his continued fascination with the game and its associated online editors:

I’m not sure what it is about 3D Dot modeling that makes me so drawn to it. I guess that I just enjoy working with limitations and constraints, using them to do an impression of the subject I’m trying to portray. Or maybe I spent too much time playing with Legos as a kid, I don’t know.”

You can read more about Poage’s (aka @zi11ion) inspirations over on his blog. Hit the jump for images of his Doom set, or head over to his Q-Block page to see the actual models.

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I only got around to playing last week’s new PS3-exclusive release 3D Dot Game Heroes yesterday, and have yet to check out its character creation editor, but some people have been busy beavering away at recreating their favourite videogame characters block by painstaking block. Jason Poage (a.k.a. @zi11ion), from across the pond in North Carolina, USA, has been mastering Q-BLOCK, a web-based ‘3D Dot’ model creator, in order to produce the fantastic creations that you can see after the break, and also over on Jason’s personal blog, Final Star. My favourite is the recreation of Isaac Clarke from Dead Space, who here looks rather cute – for a limb-severing hardass, that is. See if you can correctly identify the others.

Jason has also been kind enough to supply the character file for Megaman (above) so you too can play as the Blue Bomber. Go here to download the ZIP file.

Haven’t got a clue what I’m talking about? I’ll be posting some First Impressions of 3D Dot Game Heroes later on today.

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Check out these typographic print ads for the imminent update to the acclaimed beat-’em-up series, Super Street Fighter IV, which combine my two favourite things – videogames and graphic design – to beautiful effect. You can view the full ad after the jump. The others in the set can be viewed on this Capcom Unity blog post; they are well worth a look.

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