The IC Collection: Update #9

June 21, 2010

Guess what? Wrong! There are no RPGs or survival horror games in this week’s update. In fact, there are hardly any games in this week’s update, full stop. You’ll find only a single, lonely Gamecube title after the jump this time, but it’s still a classic. Excited by the resurrection of several key IPs in Nintendo’s E3 2010 keynote, I decided it was time to welcome Pikmin into the bosom of the Collection once again, having been owned and subsequently discarded back in my fickle University days, where Virtual Boys were spontaneously purchased and sold again just as quickly. Before we fall headlong into nostalgic reverie, I’ll cut this short and hit up eBay to make next week’s update a more substantial read.

Update #9

Pikmin (Gamecube) – £1.24 from eBay


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