Battlefield: Bad Company 2 – Arica Harbor Rush Tips

June 8, 2010

The tips posts on Vehicle Warfare and Rush Mode for Battlefield: Bad Company 2 are still proving very popular here on infinitecontinues, as people continue to invest time and effort in becoming better at Dice’s COD-killer. Although I haven’t played it very much recently, I still sank dozens and dozens of hours into Rush mode (easily my favourite play type) and noticed enough patterns emerging to put together a little guide for getting a lot of points on the vast desert map, Arica Harbor. These tips are for the Attackers – I find it easier to score points as Defenders by just staying close to M-Coms or being aggressive and pushing forward into the Attacker’s base. As Attackers, however, a little bit more strategy is needed. Should this guide prove useful and there are requests for more, I’ll consider writing more guides for the other Rush maps. For now, though, hit the jump for detailed analysis on how to dominate Arica Harbor.

Clicking on the map above will open the graphic full-screen in another tab, large enough for you to make out the key markers. The numbers and letters in the yellow circles correspond to the tips below. Apologies in advance that the map isn’t any bigger – this is the highest resolution that Dice supplied the assets in.

1A – As Attacker’s you will start off with an extraordinary fleet of vehicles, including several tanks, humvees and quad bikes. It’s pretty tempting to roll the tanks straight into the Defenders’ base and begin causing havoc, but reckless abandon will quickly see your vehicles reduced to scrap metal. A skilled tank driver, preferably with the Optics vehicle spec enabled, should be able to park where the 1A yellow circle is, or just a little further forward, and rain down shells on the building containing M-Com ‘A’. After a steady bombardment, it wont be long before the building collapses, taking the M-Com with it. Further advancement down the road runs the risk of being targeted by one of two Stationary AT guns, which are always, always manned, even if you’re lucky enough to get a defending team that don’t really know what they’re doing.

If you like using tanks, then either start with this tactic, or man the machine gun for someone else who is comfortable performing it. Pick off any soldiers that are trying to man the first Stationary AT gun, so that you aren’t sitting ducks for incoming missiles. Once ‘A’ is down, you should be free to move off to the right and around the side of the base to ‘B’, taking care that the machine gunner continues to take out any AT-manners or any Engineers that are setting up camp behind the first barricade. Be aware though, that this is the most common place for the enemy to manouver their tanks, more of which later.

1B – For those uncomfortable with manning tanks, or who just prefer to cause havoc solo, there is a ploy I’ve used to good effect on many occasions on this map. Jump on a quad bike and make your way up the green line marked on the map to the mountains on the left-hand side. This is usually a veritable sniper’s nest, as marked by the scope icons. If you are clever, and quiet, you an take them out without them knowing you are there. Just watch out for them peering over the rocks and plug them with headshots. There are also usually a few more snipers further back. Flank them and take them out. Be aware of any further soldiers working their way up the sand dunes from the base however. Don’t leave yourself out in the open for too long.

1C – From 1B, I usually try to make for here on the map, by slowly making my way from hut to hut until I find myself in the corner. This is where the enemies’ tanks will spawn each time, and a clever player can cause misery by getting there first. Assault and Sniper classes may want to plant C4 on any unoccupied vehicles for easy Destroy and Kill points when Defenders clamber in. As I mostly play Engineer or Medic, I like to tag each vehicle with a tracer dart (I always have the Tracer Pistol as my secondary weapon, regardless of class), or jump in one and cause mayhem. Try blowing the walls alongside M-Com ‘B’ – from here you can either shell the station or jump out to arm it. You will be public enemy number 1 as soon as you steal a tank though, so keep your wits about you and try not to panic.

A third option is to hide behind the barricade where the Stationary AT weapon is in the corner, and take out tanks with one missile as soon as somebody jumps in one. I imagine nothing enrages the Defenders more than their precious tanks exploding around them as soon as they move. From this position, you can also cross the road and arm station ‘B’ if you are worried that you’ll become too conspicuous tampering with enemy tanks. Either way, attacking the Defenders from right behind their lines is extremely effective when done right, and should net you a lot of points.

2A – Once the first two M-Com stations have been destroyed, the action falls back into the town. This phase can potentially be pretty tricky, with soldiers hiding in buildings either side. Pay particular attention to snipers on top of the building with the Stationary AT and Heavy Machine guns which overlooks M-Com ‘B’. I usually tend to try and sneak my way in again, following the green route marked on the map. This takes some practice to get right, as Defenders are starting to wise up to these tactics. If you keep your wits about you, you should be alright. Once you find yourself towards the right-hand side of the map, you’ll almost certainly escape unnoticed, as Defenders often don’t lie in wait here. Bold players can climb the building and knife the snipers and AT-manners they find there. Otherwise, go for M-Com B from the back entrance.

2B – Again, another sneaky tactic. Defenders quite often will forget that tanks spawn at this location, and a forgotten tank can be an enormous advantage to an enterprising young Attacker. After making your way along the green route, check to see if a tank is parked here and then go for it. Once inside, your first job is to take out the Stationary AT gun at the back of the road, which should be immediately to your left. This causes a lot of Attacker tank deaths, as it is very easy to get a shot off from this as soon as the Attackers tanks make their way into the town. This is even more effective if one of your squadmates has come along with you and can man the tank’s machine gun.

From here, I tend to drive back up the street towards M-Com ‘A’. It is protected by a steel gate which can only be destroyed by explosives. Fire the main cannon at it and run straight in and arm the M-Com. A good player can crouch in the corner and take out any Defenders rushing in to disarm, especially if you are Medic class and sit on your own Medkits.

3A – This phase of the map is a strange one in regards that it usually goes one of two ways. Either the stations are blown extremely quickly, or the Defenders win the game through a good defence. I find the best tactic for this part, especially if you are interested in racking up points, is to skirt around the edge of the water as marked by the green line. This will be risky, as Defenders will sit up near the train at M-Com ‘B’. From here, you can go one of two ways. Either clamber up the dunes near ‘B’ and go directly for the station, or head along the side of the train carriages and climb over to the other side, as far back as the map will allow. From here, you’ll likely see a fair few soldiers. There will be one manning the AT weapon for certain, and also the Heavy Machine gun on the other side of the trench. Take them both out. I’ve found some good success by then blowing a hole in one of the carriages (with an RPG or 40mm grenade) and hiding inside. Once your squadmates spawn on you, you should have enough firepower to take out ‘B’.

Once ‘B’ is down, you can all go for ‘A’ simultaneously, which in my opinion is the hardest M-Com station to blow in the entire map. Not only is the bus that houses it in a wide open area, its also really difficult to get inside if you are moving towards it in a hail of bullets. Coordination with your teammates and squaddies and sheer luck will score you this M-Com.

4A – I’ve experimented with a few tactics for this phase of the map. I used to skirt around to the left, cut through the wire fence and go the long way round, picking off soldiers as I went. However, crossing the yard to get to station ‘B’ is then extremely difficult – you will almost certainly get gunned down. Now I prefer a more direct approach, gathering together a large force and going directly for ‘A’, hidden in a derailed carriage (I believe). Lob grenades to clear the area and then head in as a group. Make sure Medkits are liberally scattered around the station and make sure you have people covering both entrances of the carriage. Bear in mind that the Defenders are more likely to come in the entrance that leads out to ‘B’, but keep an eye out on both ends. Enterprising Medics who are good with the defibrillator can amass a huge amount of points here by getting in the thick of it, especially if they ‘spot’ the M-Com station as well (press Select or Back when your cross-hairs are over the ‘A’ icon).

After surviving that, you should have a clear path to ‘B’ for eliminating the second M-Com, although you may have to go round the side to enter, unless someone blows a hole in the wall. Be careful, as many Defenders will be crouched down inside the containers that run parallel with the station building, ready to pop a cap in yo’ ass as soon as you make your way for ‘B’.

5A – The final assault on the last two M-Coms is an extremely manic, frenzied affair, where Defenders who are being slaughtered can suddenly turn the game in their favour with a well-marshalled defence. Bear in mind that a great portion of the enemy team will likely take up residence in the large multi-storey building that houses both M-Coms, as there are several mounted weapons there, as well as a lot of barriers from which to snipe behind. Again, this is where it pays to be good in a tank. A driver with the Optics spec and a skilled machine gunner can literally sit on the bridge and take out all the soldiers they see in that building, as well as the two-storey cabin immediately behind it. Make sure one of the crew is an Engineer, as you will be the prime target for Mortar Strikes. As soon as you hear or see the first Mortar shell land, get the driver to back up all the way to the beginning of the bridge, repair the tank, and go again. I’ve amassed a tonne of points on this map using this tactic alone many times before, but it does take a well-oiled duo to pull it off without getting the tank destroyed very quickly. It is impossible, to my knowledge, to destroy the M-Coms with tank fire using this tactic, however, so once you are satisfied with the large points haul, I suggest advancing the tank along the right-hand side of the map, all the way to the back. Behind the barriers here, you’ll usually find snipers, and also the Stationary AT weapon next to the cabin. Destroy them all.

5B – The best way to get to the M-Com stations without being mowed down prematurely is by swimming. There are ladders all along the side where the ship is, and it’s a rarely used tactic, from what I’ve seen in the matches I’ve played. It is advisable to take a largish force if you are going to attempt this tactic, however, as the final ladder brings you out between two steel containers, which is an area usually watched by soldiers sitting on the first floor of the M-Com building. Once all are ready, surge in for M-Com ‘A’, which is the easiest to destroy. As soon as it’s armed, make your way to the back of the building and up the stairs for B. You will almost definitely meet Defenders scrambling down the stairs to disarm ‘A’, so make sure you mow them down. Keep the Medic at the back of the pack to pick up the front line should they fall. It shouldn’t be too difficult to arm ‘B’ whilst the alarm for ‘A’ is still sounding. The difficulty in this last stand phase is to get close enough to arm one. It usually follows that both of them then fall within a short time of each other.

Using these tips as an Attacker on Arica Harbor usually nets me a very strong haul of points and oftentimes the Gold Squad pin and the Ace pin. I hope my sneaky tactics also help you do better on what I consider one of the best maps in Rush mode. If you think there are better ways at scoring good points in Arica Harbor, I’d be interested to hear your tips in the comments section. Should there be demand for them, I’ll create further tips for each specific map.


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