The IC Collection: Update #7

June 7, 2010

Another week, another clutch of survival horror titles through the door. This time, we have some little-known horror RPGs for the PlayStation, in the form of Koudelka and Galerians. Lara Croft again makes what seems like a weekly appearance in her latest game, Tomb Raider: Underworld for the PS3. Dead Space once again makes a return to the library after being traded in when my first Xbox 360 RRODed on me, but this time on PS3. And, finally, after years of waiting for a lowish price, I snap up the much-loved Shadow Of The Colossus, which joins its stablemate Ico in the rapidly expanding PS2 collection. Full details of this week’s update after the break.

Update #7

Koudelka (PS1) – £6.00 from eBay

Galerians (PS1) – £3.95 from eBay

Tomb Raider: Underworld (PS3) – £3.39 from eBay

Dead Space (PS3) – £4.64 from eBay

Shadow Of The Colossus (PS2) – £18.77 from eBay


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