Modern and classic characters get the ‘3D Dot’ treatment

May 20, 2010

I only got around to playing last week’s new PS3-exclusive release 3D Dot Game Heroes yesterday, and have yet to check out its character creation editor, but some people have been busy beavering away at recreating their favourite videogame characters block by painstaking block. Jason Poage (a.k.a. @zi11ion), from across the pond in North Carolina, USA, has been mastering Q-BLOCK, a web-based ‘3D Dot’ model creator, in order to produce the fantastic creations that you can see after the break, and also over on Jason’s personal blog, Final Star. My favourite is the recreation of Isaac Clarke from Dead Space, who here looks rather cute – for a limb-severing hardass, that is. See if you can correctly identify the others.

Jason has also been kind enough to supply the character file for Megaman (above) so you too can play as the Blue Bomber. Go here to download the ZIP file.

Haven’t got a clue what I’m talking about? I’ll be posting some First Impressions of 3D Dot Game Heroes later on today.


4 Responses to “Modern and classic characters get the ‘3D Dot’ treatment”

  1. Sheepwithblogs Says:

    3D-pixel-art Tom Servo made me gasp with joy. /cool story, bro

  2. Teeny Says:

    Super Meat Boy is my favourite. 😀

    Are these easily downloadable to the game?

    • Oops, forgot to mention that. Jason has made Megaman available to download – I’ll edit the post with the link. Not sure of his plans for the others – leave a comment on the corresponding post on his blog.

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