EXP Magazine

May 7, 2010

Seattle-based artist Cory Schmitz is a man after my own heart; he cites his two favourite things as graphic design and videogames. The outcome of these passions is the EXP magazine, the fruit of his labours for the thesis project for his BFA at Cornish College of the Arts. Cory claims that EXP is a one-off piece, but has plans to start a new magazine called The Controller in August/September this year. This from Cory:

The purpose of EXP is to reject the idea that a video game magazine has to be be comprised of reviews and previews of the latest games. It hones in on the gap between game magazines and design magazines, embracing the relationship between video games and artists. A big focus of the magazine is the experience games provide, and how that is a great inspiration for creative people to draw from.

Cory is currently raising funds to mass-produce EXP and get it in the hands of those who pledge the money to make this happen. You can help him in his goal by going over to his Kickstarter page and pledging money. Packages start at $15 for the EXP magazine, but there are also packages which include posters and a copy of the second magazine, the afore-mentioned The Controller.

Not convinced just yet? Head over to Cory’s website for images of the beautiful spreads from EXP.


One Response to “EXP Magazine”

  1. Teeny Says:

    Thats some truly inspirational stuff there. Thanks for bringing it to my attention!

    Really makes me think I did the wrong course. 😉

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