The IC Collection: Update #2

May 3, 2010

It’s been a much slower week on the collection front this time; I’m too busy slogging through Final Fantasy XIII to even contemplate any other big purchases. Which makes it weird that I snapped up Yakuza 3 to complete the set (so far) of Sega’s Japanese underworld series, considering it’s another enormous RPG. I also snapped up Mirror’s Edge after spotting it at the insane price of £2.99 on Game’s website. I wasn’t too enthused with the demo when it was first released, but only a fool would pass it up at that price, and I’m no fool! Most expensive purchase this week was the supposedly-legendary Bangai-O for the Dreamcast, which I’m looking forward to trying out. I have high hopes, considering it was developed by Treasure, the studio behind classics such as Gunstar Heroes and Ikaruga.

Rounding off the IC Collection update is the purchase of the Super Gameboy SNES peripheral. I had one of these back when I was kid but have somehow misplaced it, and because I lost my vanilla Gameboy, had no way of playing my old collection. Now that problem is solved!

Update #2

Bangai-O (Dreamcast) – £16.00 from eBay

Yakuza 3 (PS3) – £17.99 from Zavvi

Mirror’s Edge (Xbox 360) – £2.99 from Game

Super Gameboy (SNES) – £4.99 from eBay


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