The IC Collection: Update #1

April 13, 2010

New to the Collection this week is an old SNES classic, some sequels that fill in a few gaps in the PS2 library, a little-known (in the West) RPG for the DS and a Wii title from the Bayonetta-creating Platinum Games that allegedly barely caused a ripple in the market. In the interest of posterity, these IC Collection updates will include the price paid for each and the vendor they were purchased from.

Update #1

Earthworm Jim (SNES) – £9.87 from eBay

Silent Hill 3 (PS2) – £5.50 from eBay

Yakuza 2 (PS2) – £9.93 from The Hut

Dragon Quest: The Chapters Of The Chosen (DS) – £9.99 from eBay

MadWorld (Wii) – £5.00 from The Hut


One Response to “The IC Collection: Update #1”

  1. teeny Says:

    Good pick ups! 🙂

    Im actually playing through MadWorld now, and Im not too sure what I think of it. I can certainly see why it didnt make much of an impact, there is plenty there to turn someone off. I was expecting something with the inventiveness of Okami or Viewtiful Joe, but it doesnt live up to the likes of those.

    Ill be interested in some Dragon Quest impressions. Im loving the DS games 🙂

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