The Infinite Continues Collection

April 5, 2010

As an independent videogames website, review copies of videogames don’t exist for infinitecontinues. Every game in the collection which is reviewed or featured on the site is personally bought out of our own reserves of hard-earned cash. As such, infinitecontinues’ games library will possibly never be on par with Gameinformer’s Vault, but that doesn’t mean we won’t try and make it so. At the top of the right-hand sidebar, you’ll now find a link to The IC Collection, a standalone page which includes every console in the collection, and every game owned for each of those. With purchases made each week, The IC Collection will be constantly expanding, and not only will this page contain a complete list of the games library, it will also contain links to First Impressions, Reviews or other game features alongside each title in question, providing another way of browsing the content on infinitecontinues.

Although we’d like to think we know everything about videogames, we don’t. Far from it, in fact. That’s why we’re after your suggestions of which games to snap up to add to The IC Collection, to feature for a new column debuting soon called ‘From The Collection’ – a catch-all column for those games we fancy playing that just wouldn’t fit sensibly in other regular sections of the site. Please leave comments on The IC Collection page for those titles that really should be in our library which aren’t currently, or any that we have already that you’d like to read more about.

There will be updates in the main feed when we have any major new additions to the collection, allowing you to keep track of what’s in there, especially if we really splash out and once again purchase a boxed and complete Virtual Boy…


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