My love/hate relationship with MW2

January 2, 2010

I got a staggering amount of games for Christmas. More games than I will reasonably get through for a number of months, particularly as the first quarter of this new year is absolutely packed with triple-AAA titles that I wont be able to resist picking up. But, am I playing those games? Playing through solo adventures to bring you my personal impressions, to rack up more Trophies; a pursuit that has become curiously addictive, and probably worth its own post?

No, I’m doing none of that. I’m currently obsessed with trying to master the multiplayer of Modern Warfare 2, and finding it a case of one step forward, two steps back.

The online component of Infinity Ward’s monster is a very sticky thing – its incredibly difficult to tear yourself away once you start seeing the +100 figures pop up in the centre of the screen. Its even harder to quit when you find yourself bottom of the leaderboard after a tricky map – no-one wants to bow out so low, right?

Having never really played online deathmatch games before, my twitch reactions seem very poor in comparison to those who sunk so many hours into the original. One-on-one situations with a hostile bearing down on me more than often result in the death screen (for me). Having said that, my weapon of choice is the SPAS shotgun. My accuracy over a sustained period (i.e. on a moving target) is erratic to say the least, and I find that one true bullet, boosted by the Stopping Power perk tends to sink the opposition more often than not. And its a quick enough reload to send those to sleep who have the audacity to make a Last Stand.

But long-term, noticeable improvement still eludes me. My primary weapon is the SCAR assault rifle, fitted with a Grenade Launcher attachment, a fairly new change for me that has yielded mixed results. I find I often have it equipped when someone is right on top of me, rendering it close to useless; on the other hand, clearing out a nest of players clustering around a flag in Domination with one well-placed lob is hugely satisfying, and a great way of getting off to a flying start.

Some consistency, however, is sorely needed. Over the last few days, where I admit to playing it more than is healthy for me, my results have oscillated wildly. I achieved a solid 39 kills and most points on Domination on the Scrapyard map, but have also found myself propping up the rest with miserly kill counts.

What am I doing wrong? Are there any killer perks/attachments that I absolutely should be using? For now, my shotgun is my most potent weapon, but I notice that I always get Most Shotgun kills at the end of each session, so perhaps this isn’t a popular choice?

In the meantime, I guess I’ll just carry on punching the air in victory and tearing my hair out in frustration in equal measure. And if one more sniper picks me off from the other end of the map, I swear I’m going to fling the disc out of the window…


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