Sony hits bizarre viral note with The Game

December 2, 2009

Part advertising, part game; Sony’s ‘The Game‘ is a web platform presumably created as a companion piece to Sony’s new TV campaign promoting the launch of the re-designed PlayStation 3, the PS3 Slim, housed under the new umbrella strapline ‘The game is just the start.’ Users sign up to compete for either Team A or Team B and select from a number of micro-games in order to score points to add to the overall tally for your chosen team. The games themselves are short, snappy affairs, but the amazing production values really shine – Flash physics and sound effects are top drawer. The loading times, however, sadly reflect this.

Sony’s new advertising direction veers away from the pretentious path they walked a few years ago with oddities such as this and this. Now, they let the content do the talking and merely wrap this message in motion graphics eye-candy. As an exercise removing the pretentious stigma attached to them because of previous campaigns I’d say the new tactic works, but I’d also argue that ‘The Game’ falls a little flat in its purpose. I haven’t returned to it since I initially signed up, and I’d be lying if I could detect on obvious link between the activities provided on the website and the actual experience of videogaming on PS3.

Check it out and decide for yourself whether it makes you more or less likely to purchase the PS3.


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