Branching out…

October 20, 2009


It was the death of my Xbox 360 in the summer that prompted me to trade in the huge stack of lime-green games I had left over for a brand new shiny PS3. I don’t regret it. Sony’s little black box has won me over with it’s sharp looks, sexy interface and strong exclusives. But I do admit to missing my 360, even if I do detest Microsoft’s software in all it’s forms on PCs. And the raft of innovative titles being released over XBLA recently sealed the deal. Last night I bought a brand new Xbox 360 Arcade unit, slapped in the still-functioning hard drive from my Pro unit and fired it up. Ten minutes later, and I had my old gamertag, achievements and Xbox Live games I had previously downloaded at my fingertips once again. So, from now on, I have a truly multi-format blog to ramble on. No Sony bias here, even if I do work for them!

Feel like adding me?

Xbox Live: AshleyRB


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