Vintage Videogame Advertising

October 6, 2009


At the weekend, I found myself in Birmingham at the British International Comics Show (BICS), despite being completely ambivalent to comics while I was growing up. But a friend of mine was keen to go, and I decided to tag along, thinking that being a visual person there must be something of value for me in attending the show. In the end, I struck gold in the most unlikely of sources.

Flicking though an old ‘The Punisher‘ comic, I came across a vintage NES advert. I leafed through comics of the same period and before I knew it, I’d come away from the convention with 26 of them under my arm, for the combined princely sum of £7. Within their pages, I gathered together a number of vintage advertisements spanning at least half a decade of the 80’s.

One common theme running through them all is the sheer amount of text involved in each execution, compared to our very image-led advertising industry of today. This can be viewed one of two ways – either advertisers of the time weren’t convinced that the images were enough to sell what was, essentially, a very young videogames industry; or we’re just very lazy consumers of media in today’s age. You decide.

The full set can be found over at the Infinite Continues Flickr page.


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