Videogame Minimalism

October 2, 2009


Having been inspired by this awesome minimalist Flickr set, I decided to knock up a similar set based on videogame characters. It’s a testament to the details of these character designs that they can be recognised when reduced to a few simple shapes and colours.

Flickr set here.

Edit: Due to some demand, I’ve put these up for sale as t-shirts and posters. Please follow these links to be taken to the various stores.

T-shirts are here.

Posters are here.

If you would like to buy these designs in another format, please drop me an email at infinitecontinues (at)


11 Responses to “Videogame Minimalism”

  1. Ed Says:

    well call me an octogenarian who’s never played a game but I can only recognise the last two. What’s the blue one that looks like an arse?

    • The Author Says:

      Ha ha. Have you followed the link? It clearly says the names 😛 I think the one you are referring to is the Megaman one 🙂

  2. doke Says:

    Any chance of getting vector versions? I would really love to print some of these into posters…

  3. The Author Says:


    I’m working on getting prints up for purchase today. I’ll comment here with a link when they are available 🙂

    • The Author Says:

      OK, so Kirby, Pikachu, Bowser, Kratos, Megaman, Samus and Jigglypuff are now all available as posters. I’m working on the rest.

      Follow this flickr set link and then click on those you are interested in purchasing for the shop link:

  4. Miguel Says:

    you should make a legend of zelda one that would be awesome futuring a minimalist Link design or maybe a spiderman one.

  5. […] Continues recently posted a set of images of video game characters reduced to a handful of shapes and colors. They are rather remarkable and […]

  6. shortER Says:

    wow! these are sooooo amazing! u are really creative never seen this done before!

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