Too many games, too little time

August 24, 2009


It is, unexplainably, one of the hallmarks of any self-respecting designer – a worrying predilection for collecting things. I think it ties in with the need for perfectionism. With not feeling complete unless a collection is wholly present and correct. This tendency to collect things has spilled over into my passion for videogames. In fact, it’s been prevalent there for many years; dating back to when I bought a Virtual Boy with the intention of collecting every game every released for that doomed console (the games numbered in the tens and not hundreds). Even though that venture was scuppered by a need to raise cash to eat during my college days, I’ve still managed to accumulate a vast number of games consoles in my collection, and subsequently, games for those systems.

The picture above is all of the games I currently own that I’ve never even opened. I’ve not even included any of the games that I’ve had one go at and banished to a drawer, never to be seen again. These are games that I have no experience of playing, spread out over four different console formats. It’s my intention to try them all and blog about the first impressions that they give, before then taking some of them on to completion. This blog is a useful way for me to combine two of my passions – videogames and writing, and what better way to kick-start that than by playing a lot of games! Look out for my First Impressions posts of these (and other games) over the next few weeks.


2 Responses to “Too many games, too little time”

  1. BitchBag Says:

    I think you need a girlfriend. O, you do.


    • infinitecontinues Says:

      Ha, you blog about advertising, which is the industry you work in. I blog about videogames, which is the industry I work in. So bugger off 😉

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