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July 19, 2010

Hello. Thanks for visiting us. However, we’ve moved to newer, flashier digs! All old content will remain on this site, but all new content is now being published over at infinitecontinues.net. Please visit us there and update your bookmarks. Why not also follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook?


Back to familiar (and cheap) territory this week as the PS2 collection gets another substantial boost. Capcom’s feudal Japan slash’-em’up series Onimusha gets represented with the first two titles, along with Naughty Dog’s Jak II: Renegade. Rounding off the PS2 titles this week is Dark Cloud, developed by the team responsible for the Professor Layton series, and rather more topically, the latest Dragon Quest games, VIII and IX. The ol’ cube gets an update with everyone’s favourite nemesis Wario, in the Treasure-developed Wario World.

You may have noticed the general lack of posts on the site recently. This is only partly down to the intense heat here in the UK reducing me into a sweaty puddle – in actual fact, it’s more because I’ve been busy getting our new home ready. It’s almost, almost ready. I’m very excited to be able to share it with you very soon. Watch this space, and get ready to update your bookmarks. Full IC Collection update details after the jump.

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The PS1 and PS2 collections have been receiving the lion’s share of attention recently, so this week’s update focuses on the more neglected consoles, although one PS2 game, Shadow Of Rome, still snuck in. This time round, the original Xbox gets some love, with Halo, Halo 2 and RPG Jade Empire injecting a splash of vivid green on the shelf. As it turns out, I am not a fan of Bungie’s much-loved franchise, but I recognise that it’s still an enormous franchise and one that needed some representation.

Elsewhere, Killer7 gets added to the Gamecube library, a title that I’ve been after for a long while now, and finally snapped up at a reasonable price. To continue the Suda51 theme, I also snapped up the Flower, Sun And Rain DS remake too.

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More Decay Coming Soon

June 29, 2010

The big cheese of Shining Gate Software, Fredrik Westlund (who we interviewed about Decay – Part 1) got in touch with infinitecontinues last week to let us know that the second part of the episodic XBLIG horror title, aptly named Decay – Part 2, should be hitting your Xboxes soon. From the horse’s mouth: “Decay – Part 2 will hopefully hit the Marketplace during the first two weeks of July.”

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Gathering greater pace since last week’s dismal showing, the IC Collection update this week is still a modest affair, with only a trio of PS2 games and a pair of PS3 games being added. Survival horror makes a swift return with Forbidden Siren 2, even though the original is still missing from the Collection. Also in tow are Gregory Horror Show (pictured) and Blood Will Tell, an obscure SEGA title in which the collectibles are your own organs. Yep, you heard.

For the PS3, new release Singularity gets added, as does an extremely cut-price Bionic Commando. Expect a review for Singularity sometime in the near future.

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You’ve heard of Street Fighter: Hyper Fighting, but check out these fantastic Hyper Real artworks of Street Fighter characters by artist Kode Abdo, based on real life models and manipulated digitally in Photoshop. I bet you’ve never seen bendy Dhalsim look so frightening, have you? Suitably impressed by his talented endeavours, infinitecontinues snatched a few words with the creator to find out how these works came about.

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Guess what? Wrong! There are no RPGs or survival horror games in this week’s update. In fact, there are hardly any games in this week’s update, full stop. You’ll find only a single, lonely Gamecube title after the jump this time, but it’s still a classic. Excited by the resurrection of several key IPs in Nintendo’s E3 2010 keynote, I decided it was time to welcome Pikmin into the bosom of the Collection once again, having been owned and subsequently discarded back in my fickle University days, where Virtual Boys were spontaneously purchased and sold again just as quickly. Before we fall headlong into nostalgic reverie, I’ll cut this short and hit up eBay to make next week’s update a more substantial read.

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