A few weeks ago, we brought your attention to EXP Magazine, a thesis-project-turned-Kickstarter-venture from the drawing table of Cory Schmitz. At the time of writing, he has smashed his initial target of ¢3,200 by accumulating $4,747 with still 36 days left to run. Cory kindly made time to answer some of my questions on how he put the project together, what his tutors thought of his decision to base his final project on videogames, his favourite games and his future career plans. The full interview is after the break.

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Check out these typographic print ads for the imminent update to the acclaimed beat-‘em-up series, Super Street Fighter IV, which combine my two favourite things – videogames and graphic design – to beautiful effect. You can view the full ad after the jump. The others in the set can be viewed on this Capcom Unity blog post; they are well worth a look.

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Some mean-looking bosses from Street Fighter IV join the Videogame Minimalism set this week. If you don’t recognise them, they are M. Bison, Balrog and Akuma. Check them out in their full bad-ass glory over on the Street Fighter – Videogame Minimalism set now.

The entire project can be seen here.

Sassy, deadly Umbra Witch and betrayed Horseman Of The Apocalypse from this year’s biggest blockbusters to date, Bayonetta and Darksiders, get the Videogame Minimalism treatment. Check them out over on the infinitecontinues Flickr page.

Mario’s evil namesake is now available to buy as a t-shirt from my MySoti store. Pop along and check him out. Don’t forget to vote on him while you are there!

Two very well-known brothers from my Videogame Minimalism set are now available to buy as t-shirts. Available in a variety of colours and sizes from my MySoti store now. Pop over and have a look. If you are a member of MySoti, feel free to vote for the designs! More tee designs on their way soon.

More Videogame Minimalism

December 15, 2009

Thanks to links from Kotaku and Gizmodo, my Videogame Minimalism set has received a whole heap of new interest. Welcome to those new to infinitecontinues. You’ve come for the art, hopefully you’ll stay for the words too!

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The newly re-launched website for upcoming FPS Bioshock 2 is exactly the kind of digital experience that a videogame demands – dripping with atmosphere and steeped in the aesthetics of the game. The interactive Flash diorama,  loosely based around a doll’s house, blends seamlessly at certain points with actual gameplay teaser footage, and adds an air of grimy menace with eerie sound effects and unsettling dialogue (click on the doll in the bottom left segment of the house for a chilling example of this).

Everything combines to evoke memories of Rapture, the underwater dystopian city (based on the philosophies of personal favourite Ayn Rand) that comprised the setting for the original game, and returns for the second, albeit 10 years on. As the first title was one of my all-time favourite videogames, the sequel has a lot to live up to; and my expectations are tempered by the fact that the franchise has switched from the hands of developer 2K Boston to those of their colleagues’, 2K Marin. Regardless, if the website is an accurate indicator of the flavour of Bioshock 2, it would appear that all the atmosphere of one of gaming’s most memorable settings has been retained. Roll on February.


My set of designs for videogame characters, entitled ‘Videogame Minimalism‘, has been featured in the December issue of German game magazine, GEE, under the auspicious headline ‘Essential’. These works, which you can find links to at the top of the right-hand column of this blog, has garnered a lot of attention since I created them, racking up over 14,000 views and being featured on a dozen videogame blogs. Due to such popular demand, I hope to add to the series very soon; watch this space! The full scanned page from GEE magazine is after the jump. Apologies in advance for the low scanner quality. Any German readers care to translate the paragraph for me?

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At the weekend, I found myself in Birmingham at the British International Comics Show (BICS), despite being completely ambivalent to comics while I was growing up. But a friend of mine was keen to go, and I decided to tag along, thinking that being a visual person there must be something of value for me in attending the show. In the end, I struck gold in the most unlikely of sources.

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